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Phillip's Restaurant and Bar

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Phillip's is the kind of neighborhood bar that thrives on local regulars. Located on Maple Street it attracts a crowd that reflects the universities, but you actually have to be twenty one to enter. It is the kind of bar where the pretty bartender might not know your name, but she probably does know that last time you were there you ordered a gin martini, wet, not bruised. The building orginally was a pizza hot spot and the kitchen is still pumping out some amazing pizzas, pasta dishes, etc. Phillip's brings upscale to quaint Maple Street while holding on to their local appeal. Thursday night ladies get three tickets at the door, each good for a free well mixed drink. Friday is the happiest hour with three dollar martinis. Phillip's is a bar that appreciates quality, Absolut is the cheapest vodka you can find behind the bar.